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Airtime Filters

16x20x1 AirTime Filter

16x20x1 AirTime Filter

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Find the perfect balance between efficiency and convenience with our reusable air filter frame + filters in a standard 16x20x1 size. This comprehensive package includes a reusable frame and optimized filters, delivering effective air filtration for your home. Embrace cleaner air, cost savings, and the ease of maintenance all in one



○ Reusable ABS Frame: Crafted from durable ABS plastic, the reusable frame ensures longevity and eliminates the need for frequent replacements.
○ 6 Pleated Filters: Each order includes 6 pleated filters, each designed with a MERV 8 rating to capture a wide range of particles and allergens.
○ Enhanced Air Filtration: The pleated design of our filters provides extended surface area, resulting in efficient removal of dust, pollen, pet odor, and other airborne pollutants.
○ Cost-Effective Solution: Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly purchasing disposable filters. Our reusable frame and filters are designed to save you money over time.
○ Easy Installation: The AirTime Filters Reusable Air Filter Kit can be easily installed in your HVAC system, providing hassle-free air filtration for your home.
○ Sustainable Choice: By opting for our reusable frame, you contribute to reducing waste and promoting a greener environment.

Package Includes

○ 1 - Reusable ABS Plastic Air Filter Frame
○ 6 - MERV 8 Rated Pleated Filter (16x20x1)


○ Actual Size: 16x20x1 inches
○ Frame Material: ABS Plastic
○ Filter Type: Pleated
○ MERV 8 Filter Rating
○ Color: White
○ Compatible Device: Air Conditioner, Furnace


It's recommended to check your filter regularly and replace the filter media as needed for optimal performance. Generally every 3 months.
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